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WhatsApp on Mac / WhatsApp on Windows

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The Waow Client requires a 64-bit system. Get the 32-bit Version here

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Everyone hates touchscreen keyboards ;D

Awesome WhatsApp Web Client to deliver you the best WhatsApp experience. Cuz Browsers are made for kittenz, youtube, facebook and pr0n.


Donation / Tip Jar

Waom / Waow is a free Client to improve your WhatsApp Web experience. If you want to Support me and the future of this Project feel free to donate. All tips are appreciated but never needed! Thank you :)






There is no WhatsApp API or something else to build a full native App. Waom/Waow is a Hybrid App. It's basically a stand-alone chromium/webkit engine to display the Messenger and a Bridge to Notify you (Badgecount and Notifications etc.).


Waom / Waow 0.1.7:
  • Added Option to enable/disable Global Shortcut to Hide/Show Waom/Waow
  • Added Option to set "Hide when Minimized" (Windows)
  • Some bug fixes
  • Waom / Waow Version matching

Waom 0.1.6:
  • Chromium Engine Update

Waom / Waow 0.1.5:
  • Minor Bug Fixes (meh)

Waom / Waow 0.1.4:
  • Added RTL mode to Waow
  • New RTL Icon
  • Fixed Waow Audio and Video playback
  • Waom / Waow Version matching

Waom 0.1.3:
  • Added RTL mode
  • Fixed Audio and Video playback

Waom / Waow 0.1.2:
  • Added Custom Themes! Themes by JM-Styles (Nice work!)
  • Waom Window should now behave normal (CMD+Q => Quit | CMD+W => Close Window) (MAC OS X)
  • Added Global Shortcut (CMD+SHIFT+A / CTRL+SHIFT+A) to Show and Hide Waom / Waow
  • Added Tray Icon (Windows)

Waom / Waow 0.1.1:
  • Moved Update-Check from AWS S3 to own Server